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Who are you?

My name is Fionntan. I'm a juggalo, a gamer, a new romantic, a food enjoyer, and screw it... I'll say it... fine... I'm an artist! It's so weird how difficult that kind of thing is to admit. But you can't let societies rules get you down. Be an artist-- I am rambling? Oh. Sorry hehe.

And What do you do?

I draw all kinds of junk. Well, actually, a few kinds of junk. I draw cartoony surreal digital art and character design and reference pages, and I like to paint landscapes. I illustrate for the stories of Laika Wallace. I also love making kandi bracelets. I dip my toes into anything that interests me, but I can't promise it'll always turn out well. Have a look at my pages to see some of my stuff. Oh! Also I make all the stuff on this website.

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